Santra Chilka Powder

Santra Chilka powder is a great remedy to boost skin health, however, it also has medical benefits. The powder also helps to improve oral health. It fights bad odour and prevents plaque. Orange peel powder also helps to manage weight and stimulate proper digestion. Oranges are rich in Vitamin C, calcium and magnesium which is also found in abundance in their peels too. Often peeled off and thrown in the trash, orange peels are known for promoting clear, glowing and youthful skin. Orange peel powder is a cost-effective beauty powder that can be easily made at home. Santra chilka or orange peel powder is 100% made from orange peel extracts.

santre ka chilka for skin Archives - Grihshobha                                                                                            Orange peel for skin makes it bright, shiny and tangerine, the peel of the orange contains antioxidants. The peel has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which make it great for treating acne and oily skin. It also works as a skin lightening agent and can do wonders for marks on the face and pigmentation. Besides its medicinal, more obvious properties, face packs with orange peel can also be used as face cleansers and leave the skin looking refreshed. What’s even more interesting is that the astringent and antioxidant properties of the peel stay intact when used to create an elaborate face pack.  It can be useful in skin problems such as blackheads, dead cells, acne, pores, dark circles, and dry skin.

संतरा जूस व छिलका के औषधीय गुण Orange Juice Peel Benefits in Hindi

Other than this, the antibacterial properties of orange peels, they protect you from dental caries. In addition to benefits for glowing skin, santra chilka powder Support Healthy Heart. Orange peels contain hesperidin, a flavonoid that helps maintain blood pressure and cholesterol. The polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) found in orange peels also help lower cholesterol more effectively than drugs.

Orange Powder can also help in treatment of cancer. Orange peels help slow down the growth of cancer cells. In fact, orange peels can reduce the number of squamous cell carcinoma, a fatal type of skin cancer. People who consume orange peels on a regular basis have fewer chances of being diagnosed with lung cancer and skin cancer than those who only eat the orange inside. Orange peel powder can also help in fighting infections like, Cold, and Flu. Orange peels are rich in vitamin C and A. This makes orange peels a natural antioxidant that helps boost your immune system and fight off germs and viruses.


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