Kamdhenu started as a ayurved medicine distributer in year 1945.Since 1972 , Mr Amit Kuchhal’s mother Smt. Kamlesh Kuchhal was it’s owner till Mr. Kuchhal became its owner in 2003 started in guidance of Gurus and Masters. We worked towards helping people with Meditations and Dhyana along with enlightening them with positive life values of siddha gurus which brought a new dimension to their lives. Gradually the idea to spread the wisdom and bliss became our aim, we started our research in year 2005 with various aspects which brought the beautiful and divine state of bliss that was experienced during Mediations and Dhyana finally we came over to bring up a product line that could provide Joy and Comfort, eventually giving Bliss. This milestone gave birth to a whole new world of products developed under the Brand of Kamdhenu . Here starts next phase of our journey, for us purity and sanctity is the footing of the brand Kamdhenu we only focus on Bliss that brings the excellence in our products and that will sooth your soul. Love straight from Mother Earth to you.