Mulethi powder and it’s several health benefits

Mulethi is also called Yashtimadhu in Ayurveda. It is botanically Glycyrrhiza Glabra that belongs to Fabaceae family (peas and legumes family). Mulethi is commonly known as licorice. It is an herbal supplement that treats a lot of medical conditions. It is very popular in Middle Eastern and Asian cooking. It can have a lot of health benefits if used topically or taken orally. Mulethi powder also has a good taste, therefore this makes it a delicacy and a flavoring agent in most places. Mulheti is found in many regions of Europe and Asia and is also used for this naturally sweet taste in different cuisines. Consuming the essence of this root is beneficial for numerous aspects of our health, from being antiseptic, anti-diabetic to having antioxidant properties and fighting respiratory infections. It supports liver health and is an antiseptic that helps to calm the stomach. It is also an expectorant and decongestant that can help fight respiratory infections.  Moreover, it is also known to be beneficial in cases of low blood pressure.

5 health benefits of Mulethi - Use the Ayurvedic home remedy for dry cough, digestive troubles | Health Tips and News

Some health benefits of consuming mulethi powder are as follows-

  • Curing sore throat, cough etc- Chewing mulethi sticks is an age-old remedy for a sore throat. Due to its expectorant and bronchodilator properties, it can cure cough, bronchitis and also reduce the effects of chronic asthma. It even loosens and thins the mucus that clogs the airways and helps facilitate its expulsion through coughing to relieve congestion. One can also mix a ½ teaspoon of mulethi powder with a little honey and have it twice a day. In addition to it, Mulethi is known to relieve respiratory symptoms such as chest congestions, and dry cough. Since dry cough is a symptom of COVID-19, it is recommended to include mulethi in the form or tea or Kadha in your diet routine.
  • Dry coughs -
  • Improves digestion- Mulethi is rich in active compounds that are very useful for keeping the digestive tract It has active compounds glycyrrhizin and carbenoxolone that have been proved effective for providing relief in constipation, heartburn, acidity, and other stomach-related issues. It works as a mild laxative. It also aids in increasing appetite, reduces ingestion, and efficiently absorb nutrients.
  • Treats Gastritis- Anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties of glycyrrhizic acid suppress fatal bacteria and also prevents them from growing further. When problems like food poisoning, stomach ulcers, or heartburn pop up, consumption of Mulethi powder provides relief from these conditions.
  • Manages High Cholesterol- Touted as a rejuvenative cardio-tonic root, this ayurvedic herb efficiently diminishes the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the body, prevents the deposition of plaque in the blood vessels and also deters atherosclerosis (i.e. formation of hardened arteries due to deposition of debris), thus reducing risks of heart blocks, strokes and heart attacks.
  • Bronchitis & Asthma- Mulethi attenuates the inflammation of bronchi and and soothes respiratory tract, thus it helps in bronchitis. Due to anti-inflammatory effects, it is effective in many inflammatory diseases including bronchitis and arthritis. It can also be beneficial in allergic asthma, according to studies.
  • Promotes Oral Health- The anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties of Mulethi can also reduce the growth of bacteria which causes cavities, combats bad breath, reduces plaque and keeps the gums and teeth healthy and strong. Dried Mulethi powder can be used to brush our teeth and mouthwash which contains Mulethi can also be used to take care of oral health.
  • Keeps your Liver Healthy- Licorice root is considered to be an effective option for keeping your liver, healthy and free from diseases. This helps in protecting your body from being damaged by free radicals and also helps in treating jaundice thus keeping your liver healthy.
  • Eliminates menopausal symptoms- Hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia due to hormonal imbalance are a pesky problem for menopausal women. According to a recent health study on menopausal women conducted in Iran, consuming liquorice root can help relieve the symptoms such as sweating and hot flashes.
  • Treats Skin Disorders- Licorice root is extremely beneficial for your skin, as it helps in protecting your skin from various skin disorders such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. Thus, helping in keeping your skin healthy.
  • Boosts Immunity- Mulethi benefits include boosting your immunity system, which helps in giving your body the strength to fight many diseases and illnesses. This helps your body from being affected by harmful diseases. The enzymes present in liquorice root generates macrophages and lymphocytes, that protect the body from microbes, allergens, pollutants and various auto-immune diseases. Thus, regular consumption of mulethi has been linked to a boost in immunity and protection of the body from infections and allergies.     Dry cough: Causes, treatments, and when to see a doctor


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