Maharasnadhi Kwath Kan 250gm

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kamdhenu laboratories maharasnadhi kwath kan is useful in Disease due to vata dosa, Rheumatism, Tremor, Pain due to vata dosa, Paralysis/Hemiplegia, Distension of abdomen due to obstruction to passage of urine and stools.
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Ingredients : Pluchea lanceolata 50, Fagonia arabica,Sida cordifolia,Ricinus communis,Cedrus deodara,Curcuma Zedoaria,Acorus calamus,Tinospora cordifolia,Argyreia speciosa,Foeniculum vulgare,Tribulus terrestris Linn,Withania somnifera,Aconitum heterophyllum,Cassia fistula,Adhatoda vasica,Zingiber officinale,Terminalia chebula,Piper Officinarum,Cyperus rotundus,Boerhaavia diffusa,Asparagus racemosus,Piper longum,Barleria prionitis,Coriandrum sativum,Solanum xanthocarpum,Solanum indicum each 2%. Dosages :5gm to 10gm to be mix in half cup Luke warm water thrice a day.

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  1. Drsuresh

    I had been using this product since two decades offline times. I had been a big fan of it , nice to see it’s availability online ..thanks to Kamdhenu

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