Medicinal uses and benefits of Amba Haldi Powder

What is Amba Haldi?

Ambahaldi (Curcuma Amada) is also known by the name kachhi haldi (raw turmeric) or mango ginger or white turmeric. It is also often referred to as Zedoaria white turmeric is actually the root of the Curcuma zedoaria plant. Yellow turmeric or Haldi is widely found in Indian subcontinent and is the root of plant curcuma Longa. It is brownish yellow on the outside and orange on the inside due to high Curcumin content.It is used as an essential spice in the daily Indian food.  Amba Haldi is brighter than yellow turmeric and tastes bitterer as well. One of the main difference between the two is that amba haldi stains less as compared to the yellow Haldi. While haldi is hot in nature and aggravates vata and kapha, amba haldi is cooling and pacifies pitta and kapha and aggravates vata. Though white turmeric nowadays is rarely used anymore as a spice and often replaced by ginger, it is still used in Asian cuisine. It’s culinary uses include preparations such as preserves, candy, pickle and sauce.

Turmeric is an essential spice that is used in everyday cooking in the Indian households. Amba Haldi finds its mentions in Ayurveda wherein it is said to have several therapeutic properties/ uses. It is known as a magic remedy in Ayurveda for its surprising benefits. It is derived from a root plant. This root is best used in its raw form which is called kacchi haldi. Amba Haldi has many uses because of its anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Just like ginger, kacchi haldi or raw turmeric is a root spice which is processed and powdered into the form that is widely available in the markets to as turmeric powder.  Amba Haldi can be used internally as well as externally. It has amazing properties which can help one in getting a glowing and healthy skin and also healthy hair.

How to use Amba Haldi Powder?

Internal Usage: 

  • Mix 1- 2 teaspoons with milk and boil, let it cool down and drink or take one teaspoon of Amba Haldi in a glass of water two times a day after meals.

External usage:

  • For Face – Amba halldi can be mixed with various other products which are used on face and made into a smooth paste. For Example – Mix 2 teaspoons with Multani Mati (Clay) and Rosewater or Milk, mix into a smooth paste, apply to face and leave for approx for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water. It can also be mixed with water to make a paste.

  • For Hair – Amba Haldi paste can be mixed with water and/or other oils and applied on the scalp which can be washed off later with water or shampoo.

What are the benefits of Amba Haldi Powder?

  • It has Antimicrobial properties. Research has found that anti-microbial action of C. zedoaria or Amba Haldi as powerful as that of commercial mouth rinses in inhibiting growth of oral pathogens.

  • Amba Haldican be used for curing Acne, dark circles, dark spots, Pigmentation & Skin Care. Ayurveda considers the rhizome to be a great medicine for skin related diseases of all kinds. Curcuma amda shows strong antifungal and anti inflammatory activity which proves as a great remedy for skin diseases. High antioxidant and pitta pacifying properties of the herb fight age and pitta related problems like dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles.


  • It serves as a Digestive aid. White turmeric can be used to resolve digestive problems, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract. It may also help aid flatulence, irregular bowel movement, indigestion, etc. The herb is also beneficial in the treatment of colic, indigestion, spasms, loss of appetite, infestation of worms, flatulence, irregular bowel movement, and tastelessness. It is also a natural aid in preventing stress-related ulceration.

  • It is anti toxic. White turmeric extract can also be an antidote or a snake bidder. This can happen because white turmeric can inhibit the activity of snake venom.

  • It is an excellent remedy for skin rashes when applied externally and effectively treats sunburn. It can also be used externally with milk to attain clear looking skin, free of blemishes.

  • It can also be used to treat obesity and relieves painful headache

  • It is an Ayurvedic spice used for the treatment of joint pain, itching in the skin, indigestion, cough and wound.

  • Amba Haldi powder strengthens the hair follicles and stimulates healthy hair growth. Due to anti-inflammatory properties of Amba Haldi it also soothes scalp irritation and reduces itching. It also reduces dryness and provides depth nourishment and reduces flakiness of the scalp. 

  • It is considered a great herb for healing wounds which are internal or external. The swelling and pain associated with sprains, minor contusions and injuries can be dealt by the external application. It works as a good pain killer and its high curcumin content reduces inflammation and can be used for localised pain over the joints as well.

  • Curcuma zedoaria exert anti-allergic activity and are found to be therapeutic in skin related allergic reactions.


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